The Reason

While working on professional subjects I often came across odd and interesting things I wanted to share. The problem is that when those things weren't really directly connected to my working research, it was hard to do. There was no point in bothering my colleagues or teams with this. 

Still, good things were lost. So here we are. Well, here you are... 

I tried to classify the professional fields I'm involved in: Finance, all things Marketing and getting things moving (that's done with projects and above all, people). And then, there's this box you have at home where you put everything you don't know where to put elsewhere. We all have one. Here, it's called Crazy. 

I'll try to update the site at least once a week. Maybe more if I can. And of course you're welcome to join the ride: contact me, discuss subjects or even propose ones! Enjoy the ride.


The Author

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Salvador Vidal is a marketing professional who's been working in the financial world, especially in the private banking field, for 17 years now. He's followed and participated to the evolution of the sector, which has become increasingly complex, digital, mobile and sophisticated. If you want to know more about his career, head to his LinkedIn page.

When he's not speaking about himself as if he was someone else, he's generally taking pictures of things he sees (on Flickr or Instagram), travelling extensively and/or being involved in some activity connected to football, including socializing in bars.  

He currently lives between Paris, where he works, and Geneva, where he's from. 

The Social Corner