Who Needs HR?

Everybody, I know...  Any company of a minimum size needs HR: payroll, reporting, benefits (if any), regulatory things, schedule management, insurances and all that. We need HR. But who says you need to put HR people on your payroll? 

Following the idea that there's a start up out there that is probably doing a specific task better than you, it would be possible to find examples in the HR field too. Justworks is one example I found.

I mean, look at it this way: if you're managing a company, especially a company you've started, you're probably better at what you're doing than anything else. You may even be kinda-good at spotting talents to help you. But you should suck at probably everything else. All things being equal. But if you want to focus on the growth of your business, taking care of people is important [citation needed].

Old-school way: hire a do-it-all accountant (pay bills, pay salaries, keep track on leaves, etc.) New-better-way: buy specialized services.

That's what Justworks proposes: to provide companies with pro-tools on the HR field so you can benefit from the quality level of a bigger company without having to build the whole system. I find that great on both ends of the system: as an employer, I'd be happy to dedicate my time to something else, and as an employee, I'd be happy to have high digital standards in my HR relations too. 

Make me wonder what would be the next not-obvious field that will be disrupted by some digitally-driven company...