The advent of automatic portfolio construction.

Is that the hidden side of Skynet? Just kidding...  More and more solutions are blooming around the idea that investments through a portfolio ca be done without a bank. Or a banker. 

Here's one that proposes an interesting idea: " Save Your  Round-ups - Invest from everyday purchases by rounding up each amount to the next dollar automatically or on-demand." (quoting the site). Of course, to do that you have to be mobile. Well, this solution is mobile only. 

The rest (investing) is pretty simple: Modern Portfolio Theory (good old Markowitz), automatic rebalancing, etc. I'm saying simple because coming from finance, well, it's pretty mainstream. Now, doing it every time you go shopping for groceries directly from your phone, that's really interesting. 

The founders got a nice article/interview from Wired in August 2014:

Worth following what happens with this initiative.