Party Like / With a Local - Zoola Fix

You're somewhere (preferably in NYC or London...), you're alone, you don't know the city. Happened to me a gazillion times.

Your choices are reduced to 1) getting to know the hotel bar a bit better 2) go explore your hotels surroundings or 3) turn on your smartphone and launch one of the apps that promise to guide you to a trendy place. 

Or 4. Zoola Fix. Hire a local to show you where the real party is! Your own nightlife fixer. I always thought it was cool to "have a guy" for everything. Now you can have a guy to deal with this too! Haven't tried it yet, but the idea is absolutely excellent. And the way it's developed is brilliant too. 

Now you can party like there's no (meeting) tomorrow (at 8:30 AM...)