The End Of All Smartphones

And probably the ultimate limit to gamification. 

Ok. Say you are a gamer. A true one. No no no, let's start again.

Say you have shitloads of smartphones. You have, say... 9 or 10 and you don't know what to do with them. No wait, I have a better one: say you are a smartphone selling company that sees its sales plunge because of the insanely high equipment rate in your country (the UAE, South Korea or Norway)...

In any of those cases SMTH (Send.Me.To.Heaven) is for you. The goal of this genius/infamous/ridiculous/essential app (pick the one you want) is simple: throw your smartphone in the air. The higher, the better. The highest, the winner. Simple enough to see that activity evolve into an Olympic discipline. Given time. 

Now if I agree that we can all throw something up in the air more or less easily, the landing might be difficult to master for some. In Clint Eastwood's words "There are two kind of people in this world, catchers and sorry people. You're..." (I'll let you finish). 

Decide if you want to play. But take a look at it. It will be the most WTF site you'll see this Friday. 

Mercator's Dying Wish - MapJam

No. It wasn't a better sextant. 

It's the ability to tweak any kind of map to your needs. Draw zones, paths, etc. And then share that easily. Those moments drawing arrows with chalk on the sidewalks of your neighbourhood to get your friends to your birthday party? Over. Sure you can somehow manage something with Google Maps, but this is very well done. Better done. And the sharing part is really smooth. 

Ok ok, you can also draw arrows on the floor. Because it's fun.  

Party Like / With a Local - Zoola Fix

You're somewhere (preferably in NYC or London...), you're alone, you don't know the city. Happened to me a gazillion times.

Your choices are reduced to 1) getting to know the hotel bar a bit better 2) go explore your hotels surroundings or 3) turn on your smartphone and launch one of the apps that promise to guide you to a trendy place. 

Or 4. Zoola Fix. Hire a local to show you where the real party is! Your own nightlife fixer. I always thought it was cool to "have a guy" for everything. Now you can have a guy to deal with this too! Haven't tried it yet, but the idea is absolutely excellent. And the way it's developed is brilliant too. 

Now you can party like there's no (meeting) tomorrow (at 8:30 AM...)

To Make Layovers Less Annoying -

Quoting the site: " Air travel experience and innovation - A podcast and a blog by Alex Hunter & Paul Papadimitriou".  Maybe because I spend many hours/miles in airplanes, I feel attracted to this whole world of travelling by air. Nah, I've liked planes since I was a young child. And those two guys manage to talk about interesting things every single time! And one of them is a long time friend... :-) 

Have fun!