Progress is more likely to happen if one keeps his eyes and ears opened.


While looking for ideas on how to do stuff, how to be better at my job or simply trying to learn something. I came across lots of sites, products and apps worth keeping. An organised bookmarks list is not enough, so here's a view on my organised-disorganised brain.

All photography provided by me.



All things related to finance and wealth management. Good ideas, apps, whatever gives a hint on how the world of finance is changing.

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In lots of jobs (in mine for example), managing projects is a corollary to the core activities. Managing people that is. Nothing's done by itself. Finding innovative ways of doing that is the theme of this page.

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New things and innovations on the marketing & design areas. And it can be anything tied to marketing & design. Even remotely. And yes, those two fields are linked. 

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Probably not the craziest things you'll see on the internet (pro tip: google lolcats), but just things I found great.

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